Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Alone again in a world of madness

I'm having one of those "three degrees off center from the rest of humanity" days at the moment...

Mrs F picked up a message on the voicemail at home. It was from the banks fraud department. They had "detected some uncharacteristic transactions" on my account. They had then "frozen" my access via the internet, stopped the transactions and effectively shut down the account. I called the internet helpline people but the answer was phone another number at a different time and talk to the fraud people. I did and they sorted it out pretty quickly and I have now had to repost the transactions which they had stopped. What were these "uncharacteristic transactions"? I was giving some money to both my kids... what are they trying to say about me? That I'm a bad parent who never gives the kids any money? To be fair it was pretty good for them to spot what happened and it could have been some nefarious character pilfering my hard earned savings. Oh what a high class problem, it's not like my goats are starving is it.

Secondly my daughters school has posted a health and safety warning about CD ROMs. Sorry I didn't realise these were weapons of mass destruction. But apparently they are... the bit on page two of this briefing that said "Exploding CD ROMs are a very rare event, and there is thus no need for panic." was the bit that left me laughing uncontrollably to the point where Mrs F was shouting "Oh for God's sake shut up it's not that funny". Thank God though this is true - I was in a right state, total panic about it all for a moment I thought these things were going off left right and centre. The long and the short of it is, don't put a cracked CD-Rom disk in a drive, it might shatter... no shit Sherlock!

My continuing existence in this baffling world continues... to baffle me... :-)


  1. Oh no, now you've set me laughing. Exploding CDs?!!!!! And the school sent home a letter about it? that's the funniest bit surely? Life has gone health and safety crazy.

  2. 'Exploding CD ROMs are a very rare event, and there is thus no need for panic'

    I love it when we get some cryptic news like this and then are told to 'not worry about it'. Really? Don't worry? Apparently YOU were worried enough to send home this warning to me, but you're telling me to not give it a second thought. Really??? Only thing better would be something along the lines of the evening news telling us 'Heinz ketchup found to cause instant paralysis' and then saying it only occurs in a small percentage of the population, so don't worry about it. If its not worth worrying about, lets keep it to ourselves, 'ya know?