Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Time to be grateful

Yesterday was an odd day… just read the previous post.

So I’m attempting a little restart of stuff here now. This morning I had to go to the dentist, “Vlad the Incisor” I call him. Nice chap – Polish I believe, so the Vlad gag fails as that is nowhere near Transylvania still never mind. He poked around as usual and told me there were no problems except Tartar build up on my bottom teeth. He cleaned them, then he was flossing them for me and exclaimed. “Difficult to floss, No?” “Yes it is sometimes”. My teeth are all a bit cramped together. So he has recommended a different brush, so I headed off to the store to buy one, then headed for work. On the longest stretch on the motorway between junctions I see the ominous red lights and hazard warning lights. We all came to a grinding halt and in a few seconds you could hear the sirens. I was stuck for about an hour – some poor lady had gone into the back of a lorry somehow and when they started to clear us through the top of the car had been removed and they were still working on releasing her.

The AA programme is a spiritual programme, twice in a week speakers have chosen to have the Appendix 2 read out – “A Spiritual Experience”. I rail against standard definitions of God, however there is some interconnectedness out there I don’t understand, call it what you like but when I’m wrapped up in my stupid selfishness I get these kind of reminders. It wasn’t me being cut out a car this morning, start there after being sober and work on it fool!

Re the God thing – here’s two things that have me puzzling at the moment. I watched a Horizon programme on Mathematics. If you look at a graph showing the distribution of prime numbers the distribution is apparently pretty random. However take a bit of quartz crystal and hit is whilst you measure the vibrations in it. Guess what, the graphs look virtually identical. Hmm. Here’s the second, take DNA (all of it including the junk) and analyse the repetition of short phrases that repeat. So this analysis on pretty much all written human languages. Guess what – a virtually identical distribution… Hmm – God, the great mathematician perhaps.

So onwards and upwards today – hopefully.


  1. Yes, small reminders of how short and precious life is somehow reveal themselves at the oddest moments.

    Grateful are we that we have received the message.

  2. Re: Old lady, nasty.
    Reasons to be grateful, but not cheerful.

    Re: God - I can quite well believe in him but where did evil come from if God is all good?

  3. @Istvanski - there's one to add to my one for questions for the door steppers next time they get me... :-)

  4. Why are all our dentists Eastern European nowadays? (Is Poland E Europe?)

    Of course God is the best mathematician.

  5. I am quite fond of physics and cosmology, and in reading books on the subject more than one expert in the field has stated something along the lines of "to understand math is to understand God". OK, I've simplified it a bit, but the sentiment is the same. In my opinion, there does seem to be some sort of organization to the universe that can be explained through math (physics and fractals and all that arcane stuff seems to always come back to numbers in the end), and to me, seems to point to something much more than a random cosmic accident. Is that proof of a God or higher power? I have my ideas, but I leave it to others to form their own beliefs. However, if there truly is a Grand Unified Theory, or a Unified Field Theory, or a Theory of Everything, and most theoretical physicists seem to think there may be and devote themselves to this very research, that would seem to point to a grand design, wouldn't it?