Monday, 6 April 2009

Traveling in Britain

Friday was one of those driving days on the UK roads - well it was for me anyway.

I set off planning to head M2, Darford Crossing, M25, M1, M6, M54 etc. and to stop at Shrewsbury over night before completing the journey to Aberystwyth.

As soon as I set off there were signs saying that the M25 was slow just inside Essex. As I came over the hill towards the crossing you could see the Dartford queues back virtually onto the A2. So I thought, be smart I'll go Blackwall Tunnel, A406 and M11... I did and not too bad that, apart from a short queue to get into the Tunnel. Back on the M25 feeling clever... Next sign - M1 closed northbound at J16. Brilliant. So I cut across through Aylesbury to pick up M40. However everyone was now going up the M40 and that was a joke too. So I stopped had a coffee and then as I joined again heard a traffic report of a crash after J16... well I was J13 and the queues were there! So off and through Warwick (pretty) and cross country to Solihull - very posh and then pick up the M42 just before the M6 Toll. Nightmare - I spent more time on A roads avoiding the slow moving jams on the motorways.

Saturday I tried a different route, straight down the A470 and onto the M4. About the same distance, maybe a touch longer but seemed easier drive all round.

So yes Son-of-Furtheron is home for Easter. He has ordered a PRS CE22 - a bit like mine to be delivered this week, bargain at £800 as he "needs" a more versatile guitar alongside the EC1000. He is so like me! :-)

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