Tuesday, 21 April 2009

A night in by myself

... so I thought I'd play some guitar...


  1. I was only thinking last night it was time you played us some more music.

    I didn't know the second two. The middle one was very Third Man-ish and the third had an old English sound to it.

    I liked them all!

  2. @liz - Thanks.... I should have said what they were... doh!

    First is famous Bach piece originally written for the organ and this is my interpretation of a version for the guitar published in a magazine some years back.

    Second is a Spanish guitar classic written by a man who I will argue is as important to the history of the guitar as Jimi Hendrix, Charlie Christian etc. Tarrega also wrote one of the most heard tunes ever - the Nokia ring tone, but when he wrote it it was just a bar in the middle of a guitar piece.

    Packington's Pound is an old English tune which as far as I know is not attributed to a particular composer but from around Downlands time so it must I presume have been a lute piece at some point.

  3. very entertaing evening you had,well layed mr. F! yeah i found mr p and friends so far i have had only 2 problems with the gps, 1. it couldn't find our st, but now it can, just not our end of it, and when i asked it for the nearest certain type store , it sent me to a disribution center instead!

  4. Mmm very nice! I wish I could play an instrument and I keep meaning to play piano - learn it you know? and one day I will..kepp it up!