Saturday, 17 January 2009

Latest addition to the collection

Had to happen... Only £650, some little dents, replaced tuners and strap buttons (which I've again replaced already) but look at this!!! PRS CE22 - in Whale Blue - I think a 2001 from the serial number. The Les Paul Special will have to go to make room and provide some funds but this is much more me than the P90 loaded boy.


  1. Yup, you couldn't let that slip through your fingers now could you?
    Very nice. You and Istvanski must hav ea thing about blue guitars. He's just bought a Les Paul Custom Shop Pacifica. I'm looking forward ot hearing and readin gabout both of these lovely specimins. Nice one.

  2. Well Col, I rationalised it as being the same as me buying the kind of straps you buy for my whole collection... :-)

  3. As Dave Lister said "The Axeman is Back!!!!"

    Mind you, he only had three strings....

  4. A friend of mine bought a similar jobbie (new)... he still hasn't confessed to his guitar teacher :-)

    Cool stuff!

  5. That PRS is gorgeous, good purchase. One day I'll be able to afford a Modern Eagle (perhaps, if I sell my house...).