Monday, 19 January 2009

Another passing

I’ve already blogged that I’m not keen on 2009 so far, too many people passing away. Sadly a cousin of mine – well she was my Dad’s cousin passed away yesterday. She’d been in hospital since just before Christmas and it was clear that she’d not be able to return to her little flat again so a search for a suitable nursing home had just begun. Sadly a chest infection went the way that they do for the elderly and she passed away peacefully. In the end a blessing, she’d had a long life and always enjoyed her independence and the prospect of the nursing home wasn’t ideal for her.

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  1. Sorry to hear about that old mate. Rotton stuff. My wife missed our gig at the Halfmoon on Friday due to a funeral. It's all the rage you know? I thought I'd leave a comment here after noticing your things I'm grateful for today bit. I'v enot touche da drop since New Years Eve adn I am delighted. Life is so much more fun sober. I had no idea! I'm enjoying it so much I might just carry on as if I never drank in the first place. Sobriety rocks!