Thursday, 15 January 2009

Credit where credit is due

The UK Passport office should get a bloody big slap on the back. In this day and age where everyone seems to be moaning about the slowness and generally poor service many organisation and govt. depts. seem to deal up I'd like to applaud the passort office.

Mrs F needed a new passport as it expired last week and we're planning to be off to the USA for our summer hols. So she got the form ages ago but finally filled it in and got Son-of-Furtheron with his photo skills to take the required mug shot last week. She took it to the post office to send it recorded delivery last Friday.

The brand spanking new one was on our doorstep when I arrived home last night about 6pm. How is that for service. That is about 128 hours! Given I presume they don't work weekends you can actually take 48 hours off that and presumably it was at our house probably 6 hours earlier than I got home that is, including delivery time, 74 hours!!

Well done. That is service!

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  1. that is totally awesome FO, over here it takes them 10 weeks to tell you you didn't send them enough i.d. stuff..
    Where are you going in the states? east or west?