Friday, 9 January 2009


-7°C!!! Yes folks -7°C on the drive to work this morning. That is a minus sign. It had created this amazing winter wonderland scene of the Kent countryside with incredible frost patterns all over the fields, fences and plants. I’ve never seen in Kent tall trees with bright white frost adorning the very top of the branches. Whilst all very pretty I’ve just about had enough of the cold now can it please please warm up? Especially tomorrow we’ve got the long drive back to Wales to drop my son off at uni along with half a car of belongings. I’m hoping we’ll be driving toward warmer weather from the look of the forecast.

I’ve also decided I don’t like 2009 already, as you know one friend has had one tragedy but almost daily this week it’s continued with an old school teacher at my old school and the one that Mrs F works at sadly passing away and then a very sad loss of a 17 year old girl my wife knew following an overdose. Very sad.


  1. Perhaps a positive spin would be that we're clearing out all the cr*p before the good stuff in 2009? I hope so (there does seem to be a lot of cr*p going down).

    Still, January 20th and all that! The world's going to be in a state of change this year, good or bad.

  2. What Ken just said.
    It's no substitute for making current circumstances better and it's a crap cliche in the circumstances but you really appreciate the good stuff when shitty things happen.
    But then you think, why does crap stuff have to happen?
    It's not on, but hopefully good times are ahead.
    Priest at Wembley being one of them.

  3. Yes, it sucks hard already.

  4. And of course you're going to be 40 (forty) this year.

    You know what you need? What would really cheer you up?

    A puppy!