Monday, 5 January 2009

Oh so nearly…

No doubt all of you were riveted to your armchairs Sunday afternoon to watch the biggest match of the FA Cup 3rd round… No? Well Gillingham lost 2-1 to Villa but put on an excellent display – already one Villa fan who is a friend has apologised for the penalty that cost us the game. However it probably wasn’t too an unfair result but the replay at Villa would have been just reward. Still we need to translate more of that quality into wins in the league but I think sometimes we’re a bit too clever for our own good in a largely physical division.

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  1. My mighty blues (Southend) also did emselves proud against the 'not so mighty' blues (Chelski). Not doubt we'll get a tonkin on the flip next week (and in front of a TV audience too), but top marks to the lads for pulling off a draw.