Friday, 2 January 2009

Happy New Year

I'm struggling however to be enthusiastic myself. I've often found this time a problem - the expectation of the new year all the things planned, all the things put off to do "next year" etc. and then the dawning realisation that if my life pattern to date can show me anything it'll be that this time next year I'll be reflecting on all the things not done, all the things still put off for another year etc.

I'm terrible at the negative glasses view, for example, we have a holiday already planned this year to USA Boston and Connecticut again. But instantly my brain is saying - of all the years to book a USA holiday you do it when the pound is at it's lowest against the dollar. I ignore that when we went in 2006 it was the best it's ever been, I ignore that I managed to save up my airmiles and basically we're all flying there for free. My negative views do make me chuckle about myself - New Years Day 2002 my daughter woke us up jumping on the bed shouting Happy New Year. Mrs F wished me a Happy New Year and the first thing I said was "I'm flipping 40 this year" - Brilliant! Oh and my birthday isn't until October so that was setting up for 10 months of moaning as well...

Right one resolution I must keep up is to do a daily gratitude list like I used to. I might put it in one of my side bar things to help me do that. Watch this space...

Anyhow - I should shut up being so flipping miserable and get on with it and look forward to the things that will happen. Oh yes and Happy flipping New Year to you all... :-)

1 comment:

  1. you big crybaby:)

    I really really think 2009 is going to be terrific !..
    I FEEL it with everything I am ..

    even if i am going to be flippin 49 :)