Monday, 5 January 2009

One of the those “Why?” moments

I heard that a friend had some tragic news over the holiday. A house fire at their sisters home has claimed the lives of the sister, who battled on in intensive care for a few days, and her husband, who died at the scene. Also their mother, who was staying there at the time, is now in hospital although shows some good signs of probably recovering. How terrible. Luckily the couples 12 year old daughter was staying away on that night so wasn’t hurt but the poor girl is now facing an uncertain future and trying to cope with losing both parents at a stroke and you do think “Why?”. The poor girl doesn’t deserve that. However really that is life isn’t it some of us get a good deck dealt, others a very poor one. If you are the praying kind please include her in your prayers today.

It’s a large smack in the face for me with my ungrateful moods. Bloody hell what more to be grateful for each day than you wake up alive and well. I should smile more today and be grateful for just being here. Oh and my 18 year old son has just been out to “play in the snow” and build a snowman – all just kids at heart still aren’t we.


  1. Dying in fire seems to be a horrible way to go ..its on my top 5 lists of ways i dont wanna go ..
    thats so terrible ..

  2. Oh, I hate senseless cr*p like this! You're going along happily then suddenly something happens and bang, everyone's right in it.

    I feel so sorry for the family.

    My cousin's son died recently and the effect was (obviously) devastating.

    I have a really strong memory of how my mother took the news of her twin brother being killed when a tree fell on his car, how she just closed off.


  3. Oh dear, what terrible news. She is in my prayers..I don't know what more I can say but I'm sorry to hear this really sad news..Keep strong and it doesn't matter about moods, ungratefulness etc etc, we're all individuals and shouldn't really beat ourselves up but take wisdom from happenings in life, if you understand me?

  4. Never complain at getting old mate. Some don't get the pleasure eh?

    Happy New Year old bean. Enjoy what we have for as long as we have it.

  5. Awful news mate, I really feel for all involved in such a terrible event.