Friday, 23 January 2009

Book Review – Exodus Quest, Will Adams

I had bought Will Adams first novel (The Alexandria Cipher) from our local 2nd hand book shop. I liked it a lot. Very Indiana Jones, archaeologist in rush to get to the great find before the badies etc. it made a good page turner.

So Mr Adams returns with this sophomore effort. Well, basically the same thing, i.e. some same characters – Daniel Knox the now famous archaeologist again wrapped up in a race against time. This time with more than one plot going on, one he needs to prove his innocence in a murder and save his friend (it’s made clear not girlfriend) from a kidnap plot. Badies include a religious zealot who will kill if he believes God tells him to and a very nasty soldier/policeman who is stealing artefacts from a tomb he has found. Woven through this is a somewhat unbelievable plot about the truth behind the Exodus story as portrayed in the Bible.

Still is was a page turner – out author weaves the stories inside each chapter with small snippets of what is happening in the multiple locations and the multiple plots so you always want to “just read the next chapter love” to get the next instalments.

The story line is frankly unbelievable – if you are looking for serious history and / or something with real depth then look elsewhere. If however you like the Indiana Jones films and that ilk this is a reasonably recommended read.

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  1. thanks for the tip. Wasn't aware of these books and sounds like just the thing that'll keep Mrs P quite for a few hours (in the nicest possible way or course!)..