Friday, 4 May 2012

Paradise Lost - Tragic Idol

Those of you who pop by here regularly will already know I rather like the doom/death/heavy metalers who hail originally from Halifax.  I saw them on the recent UK tour and you can read a review if you care to.

Having seen the boys in concert and heard three new tracks off the forthcoming album at the gig I pre-ordered the CD from a well known web retailer that has no direct connection to South America.  It duly arrived through the letterbox on the day of release and has been a regular listen since.  Ok so what have we here?  Firstly this is very typical Paradise Lost, the vocals are delivered by Nick Holm in commanding style, I like that he has a variety of delivery, this isn't all shouty or growly or whatever - he sings, he growls etc. as appropriate to the track.  All delivered on this with great aplomb.

This is probably the most "doom" that Paradise Lost have been for many years, their early material was in this vein but then they branched out including offerings like Symbol of Life which has many techno overtones - think Pendulum when live only a bit heavier without the MC... not helping - go listen to it...  Back to Tragic Idol then, this does follow on from the direction that they have been following with In Requiem and Faith Divides Us Death Unites Us - the last two new studio releases.  There are head crushing riffs - both guitarists over the last few years have moved to using 7 strings and that is very evident on this.

We kick off with Solitary One - setting the scene nicely with a fantastic riff and pounding rhythm section a slow heavy riff laden track with Mr Holmes holding forth - a nice little plinky piano motif filling out the aural spectrum.  The telltale signature Paradise Lost lead guitar sound is ever present via Greg Mackintosh and his wah-wah(s).  Track two imploding drums and a crushing guitar intro lead to the faster heads down feel of Crucify and the pattern for the CD is in play.   We plough through another 7 tracks ending with The Glorious End and bang all over in about 45mins - actually I prefer a great 45 min album to a tosh filled out 90 min one - hats off guys there is an fluff or duffness on here at all.  Highlights are the title track, Fear of Impending Hell and In This We Dwell.

Top top stuff...  one of the best releases so far of 2012 to my ears.


  1. Have you a link to a track?

    I've never been that keen on Heavy Metal, but if you recommend it, I'll give it a listen.

    1. Try their myspace at

      they don't have any of the new album on there - if you have spotify I think it is on there

      This is Crucify - the first single off Tragic Idol on YouTube

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  3. Nope, sorry, still not that keen on Heavy me it sounds like WWII going on in a metal garbage can.
    Each to his own.

    1. At least you gave it a listen - I can't stand some of the stuff my daughter listens too - rap / hip/hop stuff never got it at all... but as you say each to their own

  4. Just bought the album, an absolute head crushing doom, great songs, very very heavy riffing, at times melancholic, doom and gloom, just what we love about their music!!