Saturday, 12 May 2012

Competiton Time - How would you describe my music?

Right folks you are all much better with words than I.  I'm looking for a novel, new, insightful description of my music - up to 4 words let us say.  Something different to make people prick up their ears and and want to listen.

Below are a selection of my songs.  Listen to these and others either on Reverbnation or SoundCloud and then enter your entry as a comment. 

The prize?   Well I'm working on a new release at the moment - I'll use your slogan/phrase/description on the artwork for that and send you a free signed copy!!!


  1. Would listen and see what I think... only I can't find me headphones and everyone else in the room is watching telly!

  2. I tried to comment over the weekend but it didn't work: I'd call it something like acoustic folk-rock.