Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Busy Day

I had a day off yesterday.  I'd screwed up the leave request as I meant to have last Monday off, which I did but I thought I'd canceled this Monday until my boss pointed out last week I was off on a Monday again... he thinks I'm unable to get to work on a Monday at the moment!  I could have canceled it but decided having had the Swimathon I'd have the day off anyway.  And there were a few things to do, including that flipping tax return that has been sat there gnawing at my mind.  Do you know I should give up work I had a fantastic day.  Here is the list of things achieved

  • Went shopping - the weekly grocery shop to help out Mrs F - I don't like the "new" Tesco, they changed it just over a year ago when I was just getting back to work and stopped going regularly, it isn't the right layout - the fruit and veg are at the back in the middle, the dairy in the far corner, booze as you first walk in - which I thought was against the voluntary code of conduct anyway...  whatever I found most stuff but a Monday morning isn't the best time as half the aisle are half stocked and the the other half full of "cages" and staff restocking after the weekend.
  • Finally nailed how to fill in my tax return completed it and posted it.  It was for the year I was made redundant in - so a touch more complicated than I'm used to having to deal with, plus when I was with the Kent office they stopped needing me to fill in returns, now my "local" office is Liverpool since I'm public sector in London (she said that with the definition of undeniable logic when I asked if I could have an appointment - so I have to fork out to travel to Liverpool to talk face to face - what a joke).  Anyway this time the "on hold" was so long I re-read and re-read all the notes and figured it out myself.  Maybe that is why the "hold" is so long!
  • Replaced the rest of the smoke alarms in the house so all new ones now
  • Lagged a small water pipe to the outside tap
  • Mowed the lawn - actually yesterday was a break in the incessant rain and warm and sunny until I'd mown the lawn!
  • Got into my "studio" and recorded "In Your Eyes" - mixed and mastered that.  Luckily I've been playing with an arrangement in my head for ages on that and it all came together pretty easily. If you've not listened it is the post before this one that has a player link to it, please give it a listen and post your thoughts/comments
  • Put the dinner on for Mrs F and D-o-F
  • Went to an AA meeting

Fantastic day!


  1. I'd be delighted if I had achieved all that stuff too. Well done.

    Anyone who can master filling in their tax form is a genius in my eyes also. :)

  2. That was an extremely busy day "off". It sounds like you're doing taxes in the States vs. taxes overseas. How complicated! Many kudos to you for helping out Mrs. F with dinner!!

    1. Actually the foreign (i.e. USA) earnings was the easiest bit - luckily the amount is low enough not to have to bother with a whole other bit of the process... been there before as well! I wish my life was more manageable!

  3. sometimes a day off during the week is necessary to just get it all done... sounds like you made good use of the time. i usually end up napping...

  4. I did mine recently and got assessed for a tax bill of £100 and a late return fee of the same.

    I liked your song a lot... it's got that drone-like quality with the tonic chord going on, and (I mean this in a good way) you've got an odd accent (he says, from north Lancashire).

    1. Odd accent - well if you that twang of estuary English a la Wilko Johnson etc. guilty!

  5. You're obviously a man of many talents...and too much time. My goodness, your posts are almost as ling as mine:=)

    I love lagging pipes. I love soldering pipe joints even more.

    I would have loved being a plumber, except the bit about sewers and waste pipes. (That's the reason plumbers don't bite their nails.)