Thursday, 26 January 2012

Life continues including an update on the procrastination

Last week I posted about my chronic procrastination issue...  it has been better this week.  I've been trying to make lists and do stuff on them.   This morning at work I'd ticked off a reasonable number already when I looked at my watch and thought - "blimey and it isn't even 10am yet".  That is good stuff.  It was one of the themes of a "round robin" share meeting I was at this week - it is one of my home groups and is normally a speaker meeting but the speaker didn't make it and as it was a small group of all regulars we all shared in turn.  Procrastination was a theme - not I hasten to add led by me but others.  The post last week also told me that many people suffer this - I am not alone - that is comforting.  Also I've bought a book about it - but I've not started reading it yet... I know there is a gag in there but it is the truth!

Exams - life seems a bit dominated by exams in our lives at the moment.  My daughter is doing some more GCSEs at the moment and my son is doing his end of semester exams at university.  As a parent of course I would love to fix it all for them, take the worry away etc.but I can't ... acceptance of what I can and cannot do.  I can encourage them, wish them luck and listen to them afterwards if only to say things like "just put it behind you now, you did your best".   My son is reasonably laid back about exams he doesn't overly stress about them, my daughter is not so cool.  However they are both bright, able students who work hard - I'm sure they will get worthy results.

I've taken on a new service position in AA and went to a set of workshops held on a regional basis last weekend.  It was interesting getting others opinions.  I've got some ideas of some things I can do and am building my list - see I'm learning - so that I can get something achieved and to report back and involve others soon.  AA is an interesting body - it doesn't function like almost any other organisation, people rotate in and out of service positions regularly to ensure it is spread about and that no one person has too much sway over any aspect of it.  Sometimes it seems chaotic, no overall structure and strategy etc. but that is in some ways it's saving grace as well.  It really is a different design for life - it teaches me humility, patience, acceptance, tolerance, respect etc. and I meet so many different people I'd never otherwise get to know.


  1. Sounds like me, procrastination is part of my everyday life.

    Kids sound good, and I can totally relate to wanting to make things better ans easy for them.

  2. Ooh, did you buy 'The Procrastination Equation'? I'd be interested to hear what you make of it (now you've GOT to read it!).

    As with many habits, I think the key to reducing procrastination lies in a gentle, non-critical self awareness of what avoidance is about. It's usually fear-based; fear of change, ridicule, failure, name it. Knowing why we do it and what the 'payoff' is for our avoidance, holds the answer. Even if, having figured out why you avoid something, you decide that you'd prefer to go on avoiding it.

    But you sound like you're doing fine. Good on you.

  3. My favorite part of this post is the book on procrastination you haven't started reading yet...could imagine myself doing exactly the same. Sometimes procrastination seems to be a matter of balancing my anxious/impulsive desire to get things done and my avoidant self who would rather tedious issues just go away on their own. It does feel good to check things off the list though, no doubt.

    Also enjoyed hearing your thoughts on service positions. I recently took on my first and it seems a good mix of organizational styles and personalities. I'm sure it will be a learning experience.

  4. Aw, you're such a great dad! I hear you about the procrastination. I've been a proper expert at it since the holidays. It's awesome that you're crossing items off of your list. I also love that you haven't started reading the book on procrastination yet. Now that's a gem of a statement. :)

    I do enjoy your posts, always so honest and refreshing. Cheers!

  5. it sounds as if you're making good progress... you're a busy fellow with alot going on, good for you now keep going!