Monday, 9 January 2012

Book Review - The Cobra Fredrick Forsyth

I have in the past generally like Mr Forsyth's work.  The Fourth Protocol was a brilliant book of it's time for example, the film adaptation with Pierce Brosnan however sadly was the worst let down of a dramatisation of a book I've read ever!  The changed ending made no flipping sense and the acting...

Anyway to more relevant matters.  This book takes a couple of characters already familiar to readers of The Avenger.  Now that was a really good book again.

This book however sadly is only a moderate single thumbs up from Furtheron.  It is OK but there is very little expansion on the characters from the moment you are introduced to them.  There are elements of the plot that are frankly beyond fanciful and put it just out of believability space for me.

The basic tenant is that the President of the USA is implored by a grandmother of a boy recently killed by cocaine.  He decides pretty much on that single thing to go to war against the cocaine industry.  He decides to secretly reframe it as a threat to the nation like terrorism and then persuades the British PM to go along... hmm like I say not very believable and also sadly not new, isn't this the plot of Tom Clancy's Clear and Present Danger?

It does rattle along OK as thrillers go and has some good points and to be fair the twist at the very end was completely out of the blue for me... both of them which is often not the case where the twist is so readily sign posted by the time you get to it in the plot you are almost relieved it is out of the way and really that was the saving grace for me as I was sadly a bit let down by this, probably only because of the quality of his previous stuff is way better than this one.

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