Tuesday, 31 January 2012

I little example of how my procrastination costs me

So I am determined to do better with the procrastination - I'm a good way through the book about it now which I've been reading in small chunks whilst reading a novel which I've just finished so now I intend to finish the procrastination book before I read anything else.

I will come back to a more complete review of the book and keep posting about my progress (hopefully) as it'll keep me honest in my endeavours.   But here is a great example...

I received a letter - I know it was dated 18th November because I kept looking at that date figuring how long it was before I was compelled to respond to it.  Why was I delaying?  It was from HMRC - the Inland Revenue (UK tax service).  It was a nicely worded letter asking whether I was sure I was paying the right amount of tax.  Of course I didn't want to contact them thinking - they must be onto me somehow and chasing me over some unpaid tax bill.   How ridiculous I'm pretty much totally PAYE (Pay As You Earn) so unlikely to be vastly under or over.  I do have some small income from savings and my PRS income (all £75 a year :-)) which they want either the additional tax on (I'm a 40% tax payer).

Eventually I called them in early January having put it off about as long as I could but was beginning to worry they'd demand a full tax return with a deadline of 31st Jan.  In the end the lady ran through all my items - I pointed out that I didn't get some of the benefits in my new job I used to in my old, notably car/expense allowance and no private health insurance etc. 

Guess what?  I got paid today and I was about £140 better off - because my tax code is better now... 

I paint this "disaster is nigh" picture in my head because I have an inbuilt proclivity to that modus operandi but it rarely is the case.  The book by the way tells me that amongst procrastinators this is common - funny I thought I was the only person in the world like this for many many years.


  1. I use procrastination to my financial BENEFIT, and only buy "new" electronic items once they're almost obsolete, saving hundreds of dollars at times.

  2. l too had one of those letters dated may 2011... i too procrastinated and ignored...as my tax is paid paye...and its from 2009/10 tax year...so impossible l thought...but no they insist which is mad isnt it...as l pay my tax paye..

    but they wont have any of it...so l shall pay them piecemeal...cos its wrong....

    so why all at the same blooming time...hey ho


  3. Just want you to know your posts inspired me to get to a few tasks I've been putting off. It always feels good to cross things off the list. Can also relate to the disaster is nigh way of thinking...something to explore further and hopefully let go.