Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Almost normal

I had to go to the doctors today - my annual "chronic condition review" was needed.  That's a horrid thing to call it, sounds like you are one step from the knackers yard.  Actually mine is for Hypertension as I used to pompously refer to it as - High Blood Pressure to the non-pompous of you out there.  Actually I've not taken medication for it for many years now... er... actually since I stopped drinking.  I'd taken drugs to lower it for years before then.

So roll up your sleeve and they pop on that collar thing that self inflates and deflates a couple of times whilst asking you the questions... do you smoke?  Ever smoked?  When did you stop?  How much alcohol do you drink?   This is always where the conversation deviates from the norm I think... "Nothing" I reply.  "Nothing at all?"  says the nurse raising an eyebrow.  "No I don't drink".   "Nothing at all?"   Look is it that unreasonable for people to not drink?  She is clicking away... "Oh right I see...  So nothing in the last year then?"  "No"  I presume she has found the note somewhere in large red capitals saying "THIS GUY IS A RECOVERING ALCOHOLIC - HE'S BEEN TO REHAB AND SHIT!"

By then the thingamajig is bleeping and has 132/85 on it's little screen.  I'm asked to jump on the combined height/weight thingamabob and after another bleep my BMI is flashed onto another screen... 28.

So I'm almost normal on both counts.  My blood pressure is slightly higher than upper limit of normal (120/80 I think) and my BMI is above 25 so I'm overweight but not obese.  The nurse says that is ok and no need for me to see the doctor - but I should think about getting my BMI and blood pressure down.   So whilst crunching on my crispbreads at lunchtime I've done a look up... I need to exercise more, cut out salt (already did years ago as much as I can - have to have salt on chips you know) and cut my alcohol down.  Tricky to cut the last one down any more.

Well I do want to try and lose a few pounds and go swimming more - I suppose I have an official reason now, i.e. my health rather than plain old pathetic vanity.


  1. Just getting ready to write a similar post. I went to the doctor yesterday too... but mine doesn't know I'm an alcoholic.

  2. If I wasn't fat, hypertensive, fibrullating, diabetic, with an enlarged heart, bad back, a sprained knee and God's Own Headcold....

    I could be "normal" too.

    And my word-verification is "hajob" which just sounds.... filthy.

  3. Funny how the 'health' priority gradually creeps in and takes over the 'aesthetic' one, isn't it? But quite impressively atavistic.

    And aren't lots of health professionals absolutely rubbish at talking to people? You obviously don't "look like an alcoholic". As though there's a "look"....

  4. Sounds like you're pretty damn healthy, though - good for you!

  5. My doctor has sent me for a blood test as she thinks I drink too much. I do, that's the problem :)

  6. Ha! Love this post. I'm afraid to look up my BMI, but you're doing great - woohoo!

  7. I don't drink either although many people imagine I must do to be as I am.

    I stopped using salt for cooking when we had babies and i don't smoke, so pretty much perfect me! Except the chocolate and cakes and biscuits and bread and cheese ...

    Well done on your good health check though!