Friday, 6 January 2012

Back at work, The New Year etc.

So back at work now and the Yuletide celebrations are already heading to the distant recesses of my memory banks.  That will no doubt be hastened after this weekend as my son will be heading back to university and we'll be back to the regular three of us at home and back to the normal daily/weekly pattern.

2012 - the end of the world... or so some say.  Where is the guy who keeps predicting the rapture - does he have another date yet?  The Mayan calendar thing is another red herring, it is just like us turning a millennium  or what ever I think from my limited understanding.  Still if none of us are here in a years time you can tell me then that knew not what I was talking about... :-)

So I'm back to work, my daughter is back at school readying for the onslaught of GCSEs she has this year and she'll soon be up against deadlines for deciding on A levels.  Just all a bit same old, same old at the moment really.

I often find January a bit of a dull time, we've had the holiday and New Year, it is cold (well actually mild really at the moment), it's dark and dull (well as I type it's sunny actually) and it seems ages until the clocks change and we have lighter evenings/mornings etc.

So New Year resolutions?  I don't really bother any more they always used to be the same and I rarely was successful with any of them so why worry about it.  I am however already kicking well on a couple of things.

Diet - I needed to lose a few pounds (stone) so decided to start a diet of sorts, nothing like following books and stuff just simple, cut out the un-necessary - so tea instead of latte, cut the biscuits out etc.

Exercise - I used to regularly swim (very long in the tooth readers will know this) but about this time last year that all ground to a halt when I got back into employment and I never got back into the habit of it.  I went yesterday, first time since September!  I was ok, slowest in the fast lane and didn't quiet push to get to 50 lengths but it was a start.  I hope to go once or twice a week.  There is the Swimathon in April which for many years was my regular event, the 5,000m.  I might sign up if all is going well at the end of this month.  It is the 25 anniversary of the event, now I didn't do the first couple I first did it in 1989 and rarely missed a year for nearly the next 20 but haven't done it in a few years now.  So it is on the list of things to hopefully do this year.


  1. I've never been a disciplined swimmer, but it seems so calming and satisfying. I know any form of exercise does the body and mind good. These sound like reasonable and fun goals. Good luck and happy new year to you!

  2. I guess I will have to Google and see what a "stone" is. I could probably stand to lose a stone or two myself...

    I agree. January is pretty boring... sigh.


  3. Hmmm...smells like Olympic Spirit! Good on you.

  4. Personally I swim like a brick..;-)

    Want a song to cover that would suit you to a tee?

    No..not another Madness...

    Seriously...suit your voice like a glove!!!

    David Bowie 'Unwashed And Somewhat Slightly Dazed'...

    It's taken a bloody long while but I've finally realised who your voice reminds me of...

    I kid you not....

    Bloody hell....

    Might have to include you in my 2 Bowie Specials on SFR the next 2 Sundays...

    Have a listen and tell me I'm wrong!!!

  5. I learnt to swim in my twenties, but I seem to be designed to sink. Shame, because I like swimming.

    Good luck with the diet. I was delighted to find a whole box of clothes in storage which fit nicely now. It was like I had been on a huge shopping spree without paying a thing. My aim is to last my lifetime without adding too much to the wardrobe. Considering I have about four wardrobes worth of stuff, I shouldn't think this would be too hard. This means I will still be a hippy until the day I die, but I can cope with that, I think. There are worse things to be, I suppose.

    :-) P

  6. Happy New Year! You know, I used to get so bummed when the holidays were over, but I now look forward to January. I love the feeling of hitting the reset button and starting a new year!

    Hope it's a fantastic one for you!

    :-) Anna