Monday, 30 January 2012

A funny old weekend

It was a funny sort of a weekend.  Started same as ever - well a bit differently for the first time in several weeks I accompanied Daughter-of-Furtheron to swimming training, for a bunch of reasons I've not been on a Friday with her for a while now.  Saturday started with me running her about to go out with a friend shopping heading to pick up some wallpaper - we are in preparation stage for an assault on the master bedroom of the house over Easter and Mrs F had seen some she liked and I thought we'd best order it and get it acquired instead of leaving it and finding that style having been deleted from the catalogue.

I spent a lot of Saturday in the studio recording All At Once which has been around a while even having had at least one live outing but I'd not got the chance to record it.  Mrs F and Son-of-Furtheron between them had bought me a Behringer C1 Condenser Microphone for Christmas - it has been something on  my "to be bought" list for ages as many have said they are much better for recording vocals and acoustics than my Shure SM58 and some other Shure mic I have I can't remember the number of now.  The thing that had put me off a bit was the need for an extra amp box as the Boss Br600 I have doesn't have phantom power.  (Condensers need a power source and many professional mixers etc. provide this but my cheapy little Boss is never going to do that!).   Anyway I went to Behringer as they had a neat tiny little amp to power the mic that I knew would be compatible.  Overall I was instantly impressed just through the headphones as soon as I'd plugged it all in and hit a couple of chords.  Maybe only my ears but the sound instantly had more presence and was much more open - normally esp with acoustic guitar tracks once recorded I spend a while tweaking EQ and Reverb to try and "lift" the sound with more life in it.  On this - I did virtually nothing!

I cooked a curry Saturday night - a new recipe for Chicken Korma.  It was nice but over night I had a terrible night, up being sick and hardly slept.  I can't blame the curry as D-o-F had it and she was fine.  In the end I'm thinking it was a sort of migraine given other symptoms.  Long term readers will remember the hassle I had with Migraine Associated Vertigo some while back - I think it is now moving to a different type of symptom.

Anyway that meant I wasn't even up before 10am on Sunday (unheard of for me really).  But Sunday having decided I needed to just sit and not do much I ended up doing loads!  The battle against procrastination maybe working!  I had some updates to the local AA website to do and some other related stuff.  I got a load done.  Still as ever more to do but I was pleased - esp when I checked in Google search this morning and one thing I'd hoped would happen has - SEO in operation folks.

Whilst I was sat on the computer I spent a lot of time with music playing and funnily having decided to move a bit away from Reverbnation actually I had loads of new "fans" over the weekend after loading up the new song.  I'm not sure whether this is just people fanning you to fan them back to move themselves up in the ranking but whatever I did find some music I really enjoyed listening to.

Finished the day off watching the concluding part of Birdsong - it was a good adaptation of the Faulks novel which I read and highly rated last year.  However if I'd been doing the adaptation I'd have kept in the 1978 piece somehow as one of the best bits of the book was that link forward from WWI to the "present". 


  1. it feels good to get some stuff done, eh?

  2. Isn't it weird how we both felt the need to comment about the BBC adaptation of Birdsong (I've never referred to anything I've watched, movie or telly, before). Ahh, you read the book far more recently than I did, large pieces of the plot escaped me from when I did, it was over a decade ago, maybe 15yrs back that I read it. It wasn't so much that I DIDN'T enjoy the adaptation, more than a vague disappointment there should have been something MORE there, y'know?

    Hope you're feeling better now. Sounds like this new mike is going to prove a sound investment.