Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Gratitude in a sunrise

I was privileged to witness a beautiful sunrise over Kent this morning whilst sat on the 7:20 to St Pancras.  The sky we a collage of orange, blue and pink.  At one point on the journey, whilst in a cutting you can just glimpse the Shri Guru Nanak Darbar Gurdwara at Gravesend if you look up out of the window.  As I saw that amazing sunrise behind the temples turrets I thought to myself  "People will travel half way around the world for the seek out sites similar to that, and here it is on my doorstep".

I often forget to be open to seeing what is around me on a daily basis and being grateful for that.  It is constant work trying to banish the feelings of resentment and ingratitude for the things I think I don't have.


  1. I wass in a pub recently and I was saying how lovely the sunsets at Morecambe are. Don't laugh - they really are. The Lakeland hills are in the background, often covered with snow at this time of the year (although soon to be dappled with pineapple trees and exotic parrots if current trends continue.) The man I was speaking to then said he was Namibian and politely suggested that his sunsets were better. Hmmm - Windhoek v Morecambe? No contest.

  2. We got a proper sunrise AND sunset down here today - just gorgeous. I watched a great amber disc lowering itself into the sea at around 4.30pm, and felt very well pleased.

    It's good to mark these moments.