Monday, 30 January 2012

How the other half live

Well maybe the other 1% given the current terminology.  I was just reading a short story post on Shrinkies blog.  Her setting is a million miles away from my reality... however once some years back - about 15 I suppose I was asked to work on a specific project by the big, big boss.  It was a very politically exposed position within the company.  Anyway after some combative moments there was a period of enforced harmony dictated by the really big big bosses - we were spending millions on some stuff and they wanted it to work after all.  In part of that I went to a series of meetings in New York - I was regularly there for a while.  As part of the harmony the group I was working with decided to continually show us the best New York could offer and we were taken off to various posh restaurants littered with various celebs - all of whom I didn't know apart from one guy I'd seen who was a USA Americas Cup entrant I believe.

Anyway - we are sat for the meal.  I scan the wine list - nothing under $1000 a bottle!  Madness.  I took my Burton's suit jacket off and put it over my chair.  Instantly a waiter arrives and lays a perfectly washed and ironed best linen napkin over my jacket to stop anything from being spilt on it.  I thank him and look at the guy next to me on the table, who was a good friend who ended up being my last bosses boss at that company and said "Frankly the napkin appears to be worth more than the suit!"


  1. lol, that appears to be a bit above my pay grade as well!

  2. "There are people who have money, and people who are rich."

  3. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa, not only very witty, but possibly true! I did a double take there when I saw my name up here, sheesh (kicking the dirt with my toes) what a lovely shout-out, thanks for that!

    It's obcene the amount some folk can fritter without a thought or care, isn't it? I knew a few of them back in the 80's, can't say as I'm in touch with them now, though!

  4. Ooh, New York snobs are among the very worst kind - chippy because they wish they were European.