Thursday, 9 June 2011

Where were you?

Last night I played at the Nags Head Songwriter Stage night. These have been running about 7 months expertly arranged by Glen Barnes - who gets up to perform his own stuff from time to time and handles the sound very capable. Knowing that you are going to jump up on stage with a trusted pair of ears out front is critical for these kind of things to me.

Anyway - sadly the "crowd" wasn't as big as previous events. Shame - why? Nice summers night maybe people wanted to be somewhere with an out doors, maybe something else, heaven forbid that people put watching jumped up a'holes on The Apprentice talking shite ahead of seeing live music.

What did these people miss? Frankly a stonking nights entertainment that knocked spots of any Britain's Got and XFactor Idol. Real music, real people, great emotion, some bum notes a little bit of feedback but one of those evenings where I left thinking. How the hell could I help make these people recognised. Answer is I can't I'm no promoter or manager and have sweet FA in the way of contacts. Sadly also the fact that the music might be from the heart and played by people with real passion and a not an autotuner in sight won't cut it in an environment where what you wear and the make is more important than the music.

So a shame that only a few die-hard supporters were there to witness it. For those of us that were again walking away with a restoration of your faith in music and just people in general it was more than worth it.


  1. Well done! Shame about the smaller audience but I'm sure those present appreciated the effort everyone put in.

    There are many brilliant amateurs in most fields that put the so-called professionals to shame.


  2. There's no accounting for Joe Public's taste! If you're ever up this way you'd be more than welcome to join our acoustic night; I'll be road-testing my new song there next Wednesday night.

  3. Well, good for you that you did it anyway and enjoyed it. That's the main thing. :-) P

  4. Well done. Sounds a great night despite lack of crowds.