Friday, 3 June 2011

CD Reviews - Logan The Great Unknown and Whitesnake - Forevermore

Logan - The Great Divide

Brilliant. Right if this band was American and had been spotted some while back they'd be huge now as they'd have had the backing to get there. Sadly they come from Scotland and I think that is playing against them now. This album has some new stuff and some reworks from previous releases - oh yes these boys have sold 20,000 "home made" CDs!!! And toured supporting Alter Bridge!

This is a great rock album if you like Alter Bridge, Pearl Jam, Creed etc. I Get Down is the stand out with Save Me up there too. Go seek out and listen / buy this is really good.

Whitesnake - Forevermore

Sadly this starts well... but then there are too many tracks where Coverdale is trying to sound like Plant and you think, what Led Zep track is that like? However the title track does redeem the whole thing - it's worth the money for that 7 mins alone! So not bad but certainly not the best Whitesnake album, not as good as the last one overall despite Steal You Heart Away, Love will Set You Free and Forevermore stand outs.

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