Friday, 24 June 2011

I'm only famous when I'm moaning

The bank rant post has made me almost famous for a few seconds. I got quoted in the MSN money column!!

Given I was once featured in a well known British consumer affairs magazine as well... also ranting on about poor service! It appears the only time I approach celebrity status is when I'm moaning!!

Not been a good week on that and sadly continues - tonight a meeting about the issue with my daughter last weekend and then a moan at another financial institution about selling an inappropriate product to my mother-in-law and their crap service over a recent issue as well.

I hope next week will be more serene and less grumbly!

I really don't like to consider myself a miserable old git... old git yes but I'd rather be considered a likeable, considerate old git!


  1. Ooooo, can I have your autograph?? :P

    But seriously, I hope that all went well with your meeting last night and that the upcoming week is MUCH more peaceful for you. :)


  2. grumble away you old git...makes me feel less frowny!!

    saz x