Sunday, 12 June 2011


Some people will pay thousands - this one is over £3000 to buy a guitar that looks like it has been beaten up through years of misuse. I on the other hand have a 30 year old Strat that I've looked after as well as I can and then in a fit of stupidity dropped the flipping thing on Tuesday and did this.... However it is a real ding - not one created in an artificial custom shop. I've decided not to get it fixed - it'll never cover up properly and a total respray will cost 100s and devalue it really.

(For the nutties out there, it is a 1983, Squier JV Series 62 Strat - but with replaced electrics and tuners...)




  1. Chill, dude. Gives the axe CHARACTER.

    Only slightly off topic, I think Col REALLY wants you to buy HIS guitar, LMAO !!!

  2. @Heff - I know and it is a lovely one. I've tried to convince him not to sell it I'm sure in time he'll regret. Sadly I'm planning some other purchases so haven't got the readies at the moment... plus can I justify another addition to the collection? Yes in my eyes... NO! in hers :-)