Wednesday, 8 June 2011


I am incensed. Really I am. I'm livid. I'm so angry it is making me feel ill.

A friend of my wife's husband has not been well - last year his daugther and son had a double wedding. A lovely day etc. He was sadly taken ill during the day and it transpired he'd had a heart attack. He has had more in the intervening time. In the end they had to fit an internal defibrillator. However he has continued to be unwell - as you'd expect. He has been frankly a martyr trying to get to work when he could. Hs is a "driver" but obviously at times he can't drive with this illness. Anyway - he had another bad day Monday and had to leave work. He saw his GP yesterday and was signed off for a month. He called to tell his boss and... was sacked on the spot!!! Their rationale being that his contract says he is a driver and can't do that therefore he is no longer capable to work. Goodbye!

I was sure this was illegal. However some searching through the web indicates possibly not. WTF!!! Excuse my French and the trendy "facebook generation" way of stating that but frankly... WTF!!!

I still think he has a case - surely they should look for other work he can do and cover his position until he is fit - or get an independent medical opinion that he cannot anymore carry out his job. He is over the age when he could "retire" but really could do with the money. However I wonder if this is just a way they avoid paying out a larger pension or something to him.

GRRRR!!!! Honestly I thought this was the 21st century in a forward progressive economy - I was wrong I think Scrooge would still feel at home in some employers these days.

I've advised him to talk to the CAB etc. Surely someone needs to check his contract and whether they have followed their procedures - if not then it is surely "unfair". It certainly to me look bloody "unfair" already whatever the legal definition some prat might want to argue the toss about.

I just noticed that this is my 501st blog post on this blog.

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  1. What buggers. Hmmm. CAB is a very good idea. I don't know the score in all employments. I was paid to leave at mine, and I think that is normally how it works if you no longer fit the criteria in your job description. But I had a union rep so that was helpful. Yes, CAB. They are normally very good. At least they have been with me. Don't get angry, get even!! Get the buggers! :-) P