Thursday, 16 June 2011

I need more time

I'm not saying I need an extension to a deadline in order to get something finished... I mean I need more hours in a day, days in a week and weeks in a month!

It is very nearly the middle of the year - summer solstice is only a handful of days away. (Looks outside at the pouring rain... must be summer in England then :-)) Where's the year going?

Also our family seems to be in a bit of constant spin at the moment - life has been a bit disrupted since my Mother-in-Law had her accidents. Note the plural, after dislocating her shoulder she managed to fall and hurt her knee as well. So she is unable to drive at the moment and finds doing other things a bit difficult. We already have a busy schedule which now has to find time for taking her shopping, helping with some stuff around her house etc.

It just seems to be that we are constantly chasing our tails at the moment.

Still there again if I had the extra time I'd probably squander it - I often feel I don't make best use of the time I have available. I've not sat and tried to write any music for a while - plans to clear the garage and set up "Dad's guitar workshop" are simply that... plans... and what's more just plans in my head they've not even made it to paper yet.

Enough moaning - I'm dumping this here in the hope it makes me

a) a touch more grateful that I am busy and have good reasons to be busy
b) actually do something about the things I'm talking about.... i.e. when I have time then using it more profitably than at present.

Ever onward...


  1. Hmmm, ahhhh, plans, and all that. From somebody who cannot plan anything any more, I gave up planning a while back. I resented it for a long time. I resented wanting to do things and not being able to. But now I just step back and let the day happen. If things get done they do, if not, no worries, they either will or won't at some point. I am very much a now person. And just think, the thing you are doing now - helping your mother-in-law - is wonderful. :-)

  2. Life gets like that sometimes. I hope your mother-in-law manages to avoid any more accidents at least for a while.

  3. If only we could produce more time from thin air!

    It's good to vent here though, hope it works for you and that things calm down soon

  4. Maybe this crazy busy spell will provide you with creative inspiration to unleash the music that's waiting to come out.

    "Ever onward" - I love that!

  5. Life sounds to be tough for you right now. I hope that things ease up a bit for you soon.

    All the best, Boonie