Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Middle Age

Ok I can't deny it any longer I'm middle aged. I'm closer to my 49th birthday than my 48th and as a friend said the other day... "Knocking on the door to your fifties". Indeed.

Firstly - where the hell did the time go - days feel like seconds used to, years like weeks and decades like years. This year will be the 10th anniversary of 9/11 - I find that difficult to believe, that was 20% of my life ago but if seems like only a year or two ago I was there in NYC that fateful day.

Secondly - back pain. I have pulled a muscle somewhere in my back somehow - I honestly don't really know when but it really became a pain (excuse the pun) over the weekend. Saturday I was struggling with it, getting in and out of chairs was difficult and leaning forward sometimes caused a shooting spasm up my back and arm - which led to me spilling more than one cup of coffee. Sunday was a bit better - Mrs F coming to the rescue as ever and sorting out some pain relieving gel, of course being a real man I was in the "I'll just grin and bear it" mode! Monday was better still and hopefully so far so is today. I'd love to know how I caused it - if only to avoid doing the same again!

Thirdly - disconnection from pop culture. I tune in sometimes to my daughters conversations on Facebook - some programmes on TV she is discussing I have no idea what they are about or why on earth you'd want to watch them! Something about people living in Chelsea - if you don't know what I'm on about count yourself lucky in my opinion.

Anyway that is where I am - trying as ever to accept that I am where I am for better or worse (it is actually very good) and not regret missed opportunities or start dreaming that I'm still just a moment away from some record exec discovering me and being catapulted into stardom... well it happened to Seasick Steve when he was older than me :-) See can't stop a dreamer.


  1. Pop culture disconnection - what a great phrase. I can relate entirely

  2. I hate to break it to ya but, I'd say you're past middle age. :P
    Unless of course you live to be 100.

    Sorry to hear about your back. There is nothing worse than having something wrong in that area. It totally screws up everything. I threw my back out after my second son was born so I know what kind of agony you were in.
    Hope that all is well and that it's on the way to being all better!


  3. Seasick Steve. The only reason I am still trying! S'all good. :-) Pixie