Monday, 20 June 2011

The good, the bad and the ugly

That is the story of the weekend.

Quickly to deal with the bad and the ugly - something really horrible happened involving my daughter on Friday night. It really angered me, I haven't been that angry in a long, long time. Now this shows the progress on my recovery and how I have learnt to be better and dealing with such stuff. Instead of some aggressive response or the equally negative passive response I figured out a course of action and calmly took the first step in initiating that. Sadly it'll mean that the problem will have to come back again as we've put it in someone else's hands now and the process will have to follow through. The great thing though is that because I "Let Go and Let God" (I don't like that trite little AA phrase btw but it seems appropriate here) within a few hours the anger has reduced and the issue is not dominating my brain.

That is also good as this weekend has some super highlights... the first being that when I got home Friday evening there was much giggling between the girls - I thought it was the usual something a dumb father/husband is supposed to spot but knew I wouldn't. In the end as my daughter started cooking the Chilli for dinner my wife said she had to pop out to pick something up. That "something" was my son back for Father's Day weekend from Wales. Which was a brilliant surprise. This apparently had been cooked up by the kids themselves.

So Saturday we had to pop and see my mother-in-law, do the shopping and chores etc. and I had to go to an AA meeting where I'd been asked to speak. I was grateful for that, gave me a chance to remind myself about where I came from and what I have to do to stay where I am. Brilliant meeting and lovely to meet a guy who I saw in a treatment centre a few months ago. Now out in the big world, still sober and making an ace cup of coffee to boot! Good luck to him I hope his recovery continues as well as it appears to have started.

Sunday was my Father's Day treat - whilst Mrs F was off on a charity ramble through the Kent countryside the kids and I went to Brands Hatch to see F3 and GT racing. Great day - my daughter even getting involved in some of it supporting people because "he has a great name" or "it's a beetle that looks like Herbie". A few rain showers spiced up some of the racing and did nothing to dampen the day which finished in glorious June sunshine actually.

So an up and down weekend... well down then up and more up than down. (who is feeling seasick at the end of that sentence!).

Son-of-Furtheron is back off to Wales today to get ready to move flat before I pick him and various guitars, cameras, lenses, computers, X-boxes etc. up in a couple of weeks.

Daughter-of-Furtheron (who is a tough little fighter frankly) is back to school in the knowledge she has no more GCSE exams until November.

Mrs F is back to work knowing that she has a position from September, basically if you are in the education field now every May/June comes the inevitable "Am I going to have a job from Sept" question.

I'm back at work with agreement for me to continue in this assignment for a while longer...

So all is rosy and the people who think they can abuse my family and think we will break can think again. Queue strains of Rule Britannia... We Will Never, Never, Never Be Slaves!


  1. F - F3, GT, AA, GCSE, X-Box; I think I follow you. J

  2. Sorry to hear about your bad time, but so glad that you had a lovely weekend with the family. And well done for dealing with everything so brilliantly. :-) xP

  3. Thats a fantastic positive post.

    Sorry you had the bad time, but the rest sounds great.

    Good luck to Mrs F(still waiting to see if I have hours in Sept, last year I didn't know until the first day back!)

  4. sorry to hear about DoF's problems - I hope all is sorted soon and it's really good to hear that you are coping well with those stresses now.

    Looks like the Old Git's night may be moved judging from the number of 'No' responses to the original date so hopefully will see you again soon