Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The good news...

I have access to Tescobank again!!!

Now given my first denied access (due in fairness then to their planned upgrade) was Friday 17th June (I thought the upgrade black out was for the 18th and 19th only) and it took until the evening of 27th June that is by my Maths 10 days!!!

Anyway - I shall stop whinging on about it now. One of those irritating issues that really get in my head. Often I hear people who are recovering alcoholics like me saying things like "I can manage the big things in life, deaths, divorce, redundancy, serious illness. However a broken shoelace or a dropped plate will send me back to the drink". I really really appreciate that concept after the last week or so. Little things but little things that get in my head - the Tescobank thing, the PC dying - of course just when I knew a backup was outstanding. So now I'm just so worried about getting the data back. Again that isn't an issue actually - I need to buy a disc caddy thing for about £15 and plug the disc out the PC into that and read the data off again - oh and for a professional IT person my backup strategy has sucked to date - need to fix that once and for all!!

It is all stupid - the Tesco thing took an age to get through and then supposedly a first class letter posted on Wed taking until Monday to get to me... hmm, by the way on that there was no date stamp on the envelope as it was via DHL in the first instance. Is this the future service we'll get as the Royal Mail is inevitably privatised? But I really knew deep down it had to get sorted out. The PC - I fixed the initial thing easily as we've talked about getting a laptop in the past - I could have done with one when I was not working a couple of times. I'm lucky as well as I have the money to buy one - I'm very lucky. I tell myself this stuff on a daily basis but it is still always work in progress.

So my hope for this week is not to be so "moany" (ignore the bit about the Royal Mail above :-)).

Good things - I have my gratitude list on the right of this blog. I shall endeavour for some meaningful updates this week. Because I have a huge amount to be grateful for - my life it flipping great even if I fail to realise it too often.

Ever onwards ... Furtheron


  1. Hooray for a flipping great life! I am pleased that this is so. :-) P

  2. Hey ya gotta complain sometimes...just rename it venting and everyone is happy. Thanks for dropping by, so far the move is working , but then it has only been4 days, I rally hope it stays this way for him!