Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Yamaha CPX500 review

I've just posted a review of my Yamaha CPX over at Rock-Til-You-Drop


  1. I take it that isn't a motorbike...;-)


    tired and possibly a wee bit pissed.

    nite old bean

  2. Are we on completely opposite travel schedules or what????

    Two planes who pass in the night.
    Will you be back in Boston soon???

    Let me know.
    BTW sorry the weather was bad while you were here.
    And did you happen to read the post about my daughter and the American Idol experience??
    The winner, Catherine Porter was supposedly a big deal in the UK for a while. Have you heard of her?

  3. Weather was very British - very wet, very windy... felt right at home.

    Catherine who?


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