Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Book Review – The Sign Raymond Khoury

I like Raymond Khoury’s books since his first one “The Last Templar” went through my hands. He writes a good thriller. He keeps you enthralled by not making the plot too easy to guess, he weaves multiple lines into one and most of all I like the style of his writing. It isn’t the usual thriller pap where for some reason inane dialogue between the characters is introduced to get the reader up to speed.

The underlying premise behind this book is an interesting plot line. A miracle sign appears seemingly imploring humankind to listen to a higher power about the damage our modern society is subjecting the planet to. However it isn’t a miracle, it’s a set up obviously by the devious, powerful business men. However the sub-plot about motives there is another interesting side diversion in this book.

True to the format there is an unlikely hero who is trying to find his brother, or prove he is dead and prove the business men were behind it. There are sub-plots about religion and how it may be viewed in the modern world as well and right at the end some interesting perspective on that.

If you like thrillers in the Dan Brown vein you’ll like this – in fact I’d argue Mr Khoury is a better writer but that’s personal viewpoint obviously.

So recommended definitely.


  1. Templars eh?

    I could say some'at here but perhaps I won't.

    My great grandad was a mason.

    My grandad was a mason

    My dad was a mason.

    I think I'll avoid Blackfriars Bridge...;-)

    (if only you really knew mate)

    see yer Sunday

  2. Fact is, I never really thought of Dan Brown as all that great a writer. And anybody who ever read Holy Blood, Holy Grail knows where he got the idea for The DaVinci Code. Lately, I've been reading books on cosmology and physics. Now THAT stuff really fills my mind with wonder...oh, and I still like Stephen King too. We all have our vices!