Saturday, 20 February 2010


Congratulations to Amy Williams but what the hell possesses anyone to jump on a tea tray and launch themselves down a mountain is beyond me.

Amy Williams wins Skeleton Gold.


  1. hear hear!! 1st dolo gold for THIRTY YEARS!!!! amazing!! And this wasn't even her specialist subject to start was it? this she started off in 'track and field' events, and was pursueded to try this out. It looks bloody scary too, so top top marks Amy.


  2. Apparently she won the Bob on Arthur.

    Was it some kind of orgy on ice?..;-)

    Makes yer proud eh?

  3. Furtheron,
    you have hoisted the UJ upside down! Shame on you!

    That constitutes lese majeste´in the UK, you can go to jail for it!!

  4. @Stu - you are right!!! Go much for free clipart! I'll correct and send myself to gaol... my only saving grace is that I'm in the old colony at the moment :-)