Friday, 26 February 2010

I'm going home

I'm posting this from the airport lounge in Boston awaiting my flight back to the UK. Another week trip to the USA over.

My passport runs out later this year and I need to get a new one organised soon. My current one looks battered to hell, all the coat of arms off the front is warn away, various stickers are still attached to it from various old airline/airport procedures, the picture in the back looks like some goon I met once years ago and it is full of old immigration stamps and chads of paper from stapled visa cards etc. I've just done a count up and and there are 37 USA visa stamps in there. So that is roughly 4 trips a year on average - how many miles is that? It's about 3300 miles - most (not all) are trips to Boston so that is 6600 * 37 which is near enough a quarter of a million miles! A few are to New York and at least one or two to Michigan etc. so it's easily over that.

I got to briefly see my friends The Sue Menhart Band last night. I needed to drive up to Cambridge through the worst rain you've ever seen - it was relentless! So sadly only heard the opening number but great to meet up with them again. I have the feeling some big news will be coming from them soon - I hope so they deserve it as they put their complete soul into their music and work extremely hard at it.

So I'm looking out over the bay and some lovely sunbeams burning through a cloud and down to the ground.

Oh yes I never moaned about the hire car this time, basically cos it was okay! A petrol thirsty 4x4 but it went pretty well if typically noisy but slow to react for a USA car but it wasn't bad, comfortable, had a Sirius satellite radio so I could listen to Radio 1 etc. It was a Ford Edge I think - never seen them in UK.


  1. Hope you have a good journey back - international jet setter ;-)

  2. I am now singing 'More Than A Feeling' very loudly.

    Carol, who has had an early night has just said "Shut up will you?"

    I blamed you.

    Well? You shouldn't have said Boston!!!

  3. Gosh that's a lot of travelling. Safe journey home :)

  4. Geeze, did you get sent to the East coast at the wrong time...of course to you I expect you think of it as the west coast. Never heard of that Ford before. Have a great and safe trip home.