Friday, 19 February 2010

Saying goodbye

Today I had to say goodbye to the best boss I have ever worked for - he is leaving our company unfortunately. He had moved on to pastures new and greater some years back and I rarely see him these days as he is based at another site in the UK and spends a lot of time in USA. However still sad to be saying good bye and at the same lunch two other people who'll be leaving in the next few weeks as part of the ever onward drive for efficiency savings, one of those management euphamisms that you know means someone somewhere loses their job.

It was a fun time reminising about the good old days of the old teams we were part of over the years. But is was also quiet a depressing time, it's said to see these people leave. Also shows how we're all getting older - as time goes by I'm almost one of the oldest in the departmement now and one of the longest served within the company.

Still wheels continue to turn and it's all just the turning of time and tide isn't it. I don't remember waking up as an 8 year old, 10 year old, 14 year old, 20 year old and saying "I want to be an Application Delivery Service Manager when I'm 48". Be fair I have one of those modern poncy jobs dreamt up in the last few years as part of the information technology revolution which has nothing to do with IT itself just most companies inability to manage it all.

So how do you advise your kids as they head into adulthood? I keep thinking the best advice is "do what you enjoy".


  1. You had a good boss?!?
    That's as rare as an away win for Gillingham.

  2. All I ever say to Jacqui is 'have fun'

    She is very familiar with my Red Dwarf quote -

    'You live, you die. The bit in between is called life. Enjoy'