Sunday, 7 February 2010

England win!

Well I have to say that was a surprise performance by England - I thought at best we'd be holding onto Wales' coattails in a desperate attempt to not be defeated.

In the end I think England just about deserved the victory. Wales first didn't look like the team of the last few seasons, especially in the backs, too many mistakes and indecision. The sending off was crucial is has to be said - would England have won without that 10mins only playing 14? At least this season it wasn't England committing the stupid things like that.

Still lots to do in the England side though, we still didn't make use of the width at all. We could have potentially scored quicker before half time if the forwards hadn't been intent in battering the Wales line. In the end Haskill got the try and good job if we'd have gone in half time without that I don't think we'd have won and we had overlaps like mad on the right that they didn't think of exploiting.

So better England - much better than the Autumn performances. Dare I hope for 6 nations victory? No I think that is too much to ask for but some performances of similar stature against France and Ireland would be good in building for the World Cup next year.


  1. oh yeah...the funny shaped ball thingy...;-)

  2. Just catching up, hope all is well with you and yours, can't comment on the rugby, way off my radar!!

  3. Yeah...not too terribly familiar myself. Ball looks a bit like an American football, yeah? But for reasons I do not know, I am familiar with the names "All Blacks" and the "Springboks". Go figure.

    And a rather thought provoking comment re: do we become the establishment or vice-versa? I would like to think it's the latter, and some uber hipster in a corporate marketing dept. is merely trying to get into my wallet...which is fine as long as they have good musical taste. Makes the sting of being duped into buying something much easier to take!