Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Back in the USSA

That title didn't work! :-) Sorry Sir Paul and John!

Cold, snowing, storm warning... blah blah. Forgot my hat! Darn! Still the lady gave me an upgrade to an SUV, I looked blank at her "Four wheel drive" she offered. "Oh a four by four" I replied and it was her turn to look blank, and after sampling one for breakfast my ex-pats rant about sausages is right - they have no idea out here... like the tea... awful!

Here for work through the week and hope to see The Sue Menhart Band on Thursday night before heading back to Boston and home on Friday. I've booked into a hotel in Cambridge but thinking I might stay here and then get up silly o'clock on Friday morning to go back to Boston. TBD as they say.

Right must off to work now then.


  1. hehehe...four by four....she probably thought you were propositioning her for a group sex session!...;-)

    Be careful over there old bean

  2. Are they still nuts for grape flavour food out there - bubblegum, soft drinks etc..

  3. Well, had you said 'four by four' here in California, we would have known exactly what you meant. In fact, off road enthusiasts refer to their clubs as 4X4 clubs, so maybe the east coast just isn't hip to the lingo. Also, sausages...don't know what's up with the east coast, but again, out west we take our barbecue seriously. Hot links, brats, wursts, kielbasa, andouille, heck, you can even find bangers out here. As far as the tea goes...well, I don't know what to tell you. But you can find Twinnings in almost every grocery store...or is that considered crap over the pond? Heck, we've got a Fresh and Easy in my town now, which is owned by Tesco I believe.

    Re: roller derby. It is, at times, an interesting country indeed!

  4. Have a drink TOMORROW, as Heff's Bar And Grill re-opens to the public.

  5. Give Sue my regards please mate. We're Facebook buddies.