Sunday, 21 February 2010


My brother is getting married in August - in Scotland - Gretna Green.

I'm the best man! *pause for proud moment*

He wanted us to look like twins! i.e. both in same suit etc. So yesterday we went off to Bluewater to sort it out. Apart from both going "Really nice" to one then noticing it was £500! It all went well and we exited M&S with suits, shirts and new shoes for my brother - black brogues... he clearly thought it easier just to buy what he knows I'll wear anyway :-)

But twins?! :S He is taller than me, thinner and has blond hair. So we look totally the same obviously :-)

Still, it's what he wants and he deserves it after all he went through trying to save his last marriage and having it all thrown back in his face in the end and he is the happiest I've seen him in years.

Best man speech is started - needs further work. My daughter who is the literary genius in the family has offered to be editor on that.

We know where we are going for the Stag do as well so I need to organise that. Hamburg! Not what some of you are thinking - the worlds biggest model railway is there so we're off to look at that!

Also it was the first time my brother had ever been to Bluewater - he didn't seem that impressed and my daughter who had spent two consecutive days there was lost as to how you could avoid the place and not be bothered when you got there. She was happy as Mrs F bought her dress ready for the wedding too.

Son-of-Furtheron is to be the "official photographer" of the day and he phoned while we were there telling us he'd bought the flash gun he's insisted was essential kit. So all in all a significant day forward on the preparations. Mrs F found a couple of dress but wants to go back again... I think on a girlie only day without grumpy blokes who'd sorted their stuff in an hour leaning against the rail outside the succession of shops looking at thier watches and moaning about grumbling stomachs :-)


  1. Stag do in Hamburg and you're on about the biggest model railway?!?
    Pah! It's an obvious euphemism, isn't it?
    Trains going into a tunnel...

    Ps: loved the live Libertine performances, Johnny the Horse being a favourite.
    I once tried recording an acoustic performance with that Boss BR600 and it turned out crap. I'd only forgotten to format the memory card. Doh! Actually, one of the built in condenser mics is faulty. More stuff to get fixed.

  2. Congrats to your bro old bean!!!

    You could dress as the Blues Brothers? Just a thought....

    On the other hand I seem to recall Danny Devito and Arnie being mentioned last Sunday?...;-)

  3. Two words.


    Well, he asked for twins...

  4. brilliant Kenski! Yes, congrats to the bro and post a few ( million) pictures. BTW, girls can't shop with men, but trying to explain it would be like trying to explain ice hockey...