Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Stop being a miserable so and so....

I'm not a very happy person at the moment. I'm really not enjoying work at all... and sadly not only do I let that really get to me, I let many people about me know that it is really getting to me. That isn't plesant.

I'm off to see Muse tomorrow at the O2 with a friend.

I have my gig on Sunday... at The Libertine in Borough. If you are in the area come along for the afternoon starting at 1pm.

I have reasonable health - it's a lot better than a few weeks ago

etc. etc.

A friend passed away earlier this week from cancer. I ought to be more grateful about what I have and I ought to try to be more happy about it... my life is very good frankly. The old quote from Abe Lincoln about being as happy as you choose to be (I paraphrase) feels very apt.


  1. Ah, there's a lot of it about. Strange time of year at the moment, it brings about some odd feelings I think. Great that you are grateful for so much :)

  2. Sorry about your friend.

    I like that quote too :)

    Life is too short, we all have to make the most of it... now stop being a miserable 'old' so and so .. ;)

  3. I need to take a page out of this same book as well! I am guilty sometimes of thinking things are shit when they're really quite nice.

    What the hell is wrong with me?