Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Book Review - The Prophecy Chris Kuzneski

I think this is the second of Mr Kuzneski's books I've read - I think I read Sign of the Cross sometime back.

So - fast paced interesting thriller with the added spice of being linked to the greatest of all sooth sayers - Nostradamus.

The interplay between his two regular Jones and Payne frankly did begin to wear a little thin at times with me. We get that these two ex-special forces guys are inseparable best buddies and will wise crack their way through the book but can we have a break from it at times?

Also I'm afraid that for me the ending was a bit rushed and frankly a little bit unbelievable but then many thrillers are plus the final punchline was a little limp.

But all things considered not a bad read.


  1. Bet you haven't read 'Pies and Prejudice' yet...Stuart Machonie.


  2. I must read more, or at least listen to more audio books. :))