Wednesday, 18 November 2009

New creativity

Suddenly I found myself spurred on into new realms of creativity – the gig clearly did me some good.

As per the previous post I already have finally got my act together and started using the digital recorder I bought a year ago. On more than one occasion in the last year I’ve pulled it out looked at the manual, poked a button or two, scratched my head and gone off to do something else. Most of that was just my lethargy but I didn’t have the drive to get on with it. Admittedly my first attempt was simple only three tracks and a quick fiddle with pan settings then mastering to a stereo mix and getting that onto the PC and from there converted to MP3. But hey it was a success for me. I do intend to do some more as soon as I can find the time. I’d like to figure out using the drum patterns better as well. But I think at least a couple more simple ones.

Secondly last night I had some time on my hands as daughters regular swimming practice wasn’t on. So I sat down guitar in hand and thought, “I really should have a bash at writing some more material”. I started strumming out a riff that has been around for at least a year or more – I already had a part lyric in my head which the riff itself had simply presented to me and so I dived in starting with that. Before long I had written the whole thing. It needs that critical look at it again in the cold light of day but it’s been a long time since I wrote something like that, it felt a bit like the old days.

I real happy with where I am at the moment with the music – it has some direction and purpose as I say the gig really was a real inspiration. Furtheron...


  1. Maybe that's all you needed to crack on. The job might not seem so bad now you've a creative side popping out all over the place soon as your home and back in the real world eh?

    Right. Off to feed the cats then off to the driving school.

    Did a couple of 'mock' tests yesterday for part one (of three) exams.

    Got 82 / 100. Need 85 to pass so heading the right way myself n all!!


    The Leg End

  2. Been popping over from Piley's site occassionally but never got round to leaving a comment. It's always good to see someone getting a genuine buzz out of music. Good luck with it.