Monday, 23 November 2009

Catch up

So it’s all been a bit hectic recently... I think this’ll continue until Christmas probably. Still it’s good really isn’t it?

Firstly this weekend was our daughters 14th birthday. That meant a night out with a load of her friends at the local ice rink, me cooking a Chinese meal with her for Saturday night and then a big meal out and going to the cinema to see Christmas Carol on Sunday. BTW I thought the Christmas Carol was really good, the animation was stunningly good and they kept really true to the Dickens story - worth seeing.

She got a load of presents that she wanted including the web cam we’d promised her – in fact I’d bought 2 of the same one so we could install one on the family computer as well. So Sunday morning ended up with us waving at each other in different rooms in the house on web cams... at times like these I wonder why we bother with technology. Oh no I remember one thing is so that hopefully we can have the odd web cam waving session with our son in Wales... we’ll be able to gauge the beard development much easier this way :-)

I had a moment with the Chinese, for some reason from the word go it didn’t go right and when I’m panicked in the kitchen the whole thing suddenly seems like the end of the world with me. Mrs F and Daughter-of-Furtheron saved the day in the end and it all tasted nice although we should have invited about 4 other people the amount we’d cooked!

I’ve a couple of new songs progressing well in the writing stakes and started trying to learn something for the 14th Feb that Four Dinners has recommended. Oh yes big thanks to him as I’ve now made my debut on the internet radio! I stupidly missed the live show (as I said it was busy this weekend) but have caught up now.

I’m busy on the Christmas shopping front with me having ordered a load of stuff off websites etc. To get things done sooner rather than later. Best yet was a relatively small gift turning up in a box large enough to probably hold 30 if not 50 of the things! Best of all was the relatively little packing in the box, a jiffy bag would have been better!

Friday I was involved all day in a big AA seminar we’d been planning for ages well over 18 months of actually committee work etc. The day passed off as a great success I think, at least that was the early feedback.

So it’s been a busy few days. I could do with a rest frankly!


  1. any more toons for next week's show?

    Barnsley Sime also played you on his Sunday Social - his shows well organised and not in the least bit chaotic like mine!

    Christmas shopping? Good grief. Do mine Christmas Eve!

  2. I'm with Four Dinners on this one...already Christmas shopping? Wow...I myself usually wait until the last week. Shopping for me is about as much fun as lancing a boil (never lanced a boil, but it seemed like a good analogy), and I tend to procrastinate as long as possible. I actually prefer our American Thanksgiving holiday, where we eat ourselves into oblivion. Actually, a lot of Americans are already on their way to eating themselves into oblivion, but this is the one day a year where its somewhat guilt free and expected.