Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Suddenly a really good Later with Jules Holland.

To be honest this series there's been a couple of shows where I've struggled to latch onto anything. Is it me or since the BBC got rid of shows like Top of the Pops and there is nothing (other than Jonathan Ross I suppose) in the way of variety shows that Jules seems to have a lot more "chart" acts on than before - this series people like Calvin Harris for example. In the dim and ancient past I'm not sure that he'd have been on a show like Later but there is precious little live music output on the BBC any more is there.

Anyway - Sting playing his latest stuff which is very folksy - deliberately so, I suspect after the mammoth world tour playing the old Police hits he needed something completely different to recharge with. Whatever people may say about it - his vocal delivery on the one piece on last nights 30 min show was frankly... stunning! Oh how I wish I had the talent of that guys little finger!

Then Nora Jones - not particularly my cup of tea but a top notch performer.
Jay-Z the rapper was also on...

So already a not very shabby line up - to be frank anyone of them could have been the "headline" act pretty much. But hang on we're not done yet. The Foo Fighters were also on the bill.

I can't wait to see the Friday extended edition.


  1. last night??? my info showed different guests so l didnt bother...duh!!

  2. TOTP should never have died. True it was a dumb name for a show...a title decided by BBC old farts who thought it was hip...they even allowed Jimmy Saville on for Christs sake...and Pans People???? Gimme a break (allright...I tried to look up their skirts when I was ten)

    Bottom line. The Beeb take our money but supply no show at all for rock bands.

    The Top 40 is all download stuff so mainly (c)rap and Beyonce.

    I reckon we should all - en masse - decline to pay our licence fee. The Beeb would crap thamselves...they can't take the whole country to court!!!

    Utter utter utter utter arseholes.

    On a good day.

    See you in a few days old bean! Well looking forward to it! pressure...;-)