Sunday, 29 November 2009

New tracks...

All of which made their live debut at the Libertine gig.



Solo Sunday


  1. Oh yeah! I'm all for those, sort of Zep meets Townshend meets Davey Graham.

    Is that standard tuning on Solo Sunday?

  2. Yep - Solo Sunday is standard tuning - just a lot of open strings :-)

  3. I love drop D, and double drop D (ideal for Cinnamon Girl)

    I stumbled across this yesterday the reviews are unreal. Epiphone EL 00 ~ £199, don't be put off by the model or price. It's got it's got the most vintage acoustic tone I've ever heard..hear for yourself. I'm so tempted,

    And check the demos on youtube..

  4. I have no idea what a 'drop D' is....and it's probably better that way....;-)

    Lemme know asap re 15th March old bean. Flyers in production soon!!!!

    I adore 'Waterfall'. Given my lifestyle this may be odd. Well? I am odd!!!....;-)

  5. Don't... now I'm suddenly this acoustic live artist I realise I need more acoustic guitars to cover the tunings... oh and a better 12 string of course...