Thursday, 5 November 2009

Royal Mail - no problem

I used to have one of these... It's a Dean Markley Promag easy install acoustic guitar pickup I think I lent it to someone a while go and it disappeared - I've searched the house. It's gone.

So gig looming I thought - order one you berk! So I looked on Strings Direct and found them for just under £50. So I ordered it.

I only noticed when I got the dispatch notice that I was 5p under the limit for them using ParcelForce and realised it had been dispatched via Royal Mail 1st Class. Darn I thought "the strikes!". If I'd have bought a plectrum it would have been on Parcelforce and trackable and easy to pick up (ho ho!) at the local Post Office. But I shouldn't have worried, less than 24 hours after my ordering it was delivered by my friendly postie.

So Royal Mail - brilliant!!! I hope whatever the outcome of the dispute currently that great service isn't undermined.


  1. I was chatting to a very drunken Postie in Hounslow the other night. He seemed to be under the impression the industrial action was related to Afghanistan.

    I think ;-)

    Incidentally, I'm planning to arrive about 1 o'clock as the poster says from 1pm. That ok? (Still no idea on Caz and Jax)

  2. Strings Direct are great, and only a 15 minute drive from my house. Bonus.

  3. weird isnt it? I got a parcel from Japan quicker than i usually get them, yet a CD from London took 3 weeks! All depends which sorting office it goes through i guess..