Monday, 9 November 2009


We went to the big free council display on Sat night. It was excellent as ever, less popular than years before but there was no big fair this time attracting a lot of the local youth.

We took Daughter-of-Furtheron and a couple of her friends. No sooner were we on "The Lines" (big open space slap bang in the middle of the Medway Towns that is own by the army I believe) and they were off doing their own thing meeting up with some others that they knew would be there. Mrs F and I were left standing alone with a cup of coffee each.

Suddenly I was thinking - where has all the time gone? D-o-F is 14 in a few days time, my son will not be a teenager this time next year! Next July is our silver wedding anniversary! Funny some days spark (sorry that's an awful pun) old thoughts... like my 5 year old son setting up a cash till to get his Grandparents to pay 5p entrance for our home firework display one year... which was a bit rich given my Father-in-law had supplied a significant proportion of the ordance! The last ever firework party at home and the subsequent damage to the fence and my hand! The old Scout group fireworks parties that took over from our home ones where normally our son was in charge of the bonfire and we took a box of fireworks to add to the display. They used to be great fun. And lastly a couple of years back my son taking loads of photos of the fair and the display for his A Level photography course - which gained us more than a few odd looks.

Mrs F and I were alone for Sunday roast yesterday as well - a new chapter in life for us but an odd feeling one in many ways.


  1. We're getting close to that..

    My eldest (13) is embarrased to be seen out and about with mum and dad.

    I heard Harry Chapin Carpenters Cat's in the Cradle a couple of weeks ago, and haven't felt so glum in ages..

  2. A rocket stick almost hit my head as I came out of the Cat Palace after feeding and cleaning up after the strays.

    Banger wars as a kid eh? Marvellous! No idea how we all came out with all our eye's intact!...;-)

    See yer Sunday old bean

  3. My boy was only 2 last week, so it fools me into thinking i'm young... in reality I'm the same age as Mondo, and we are just 'old' parents! Still, it does help to fool my brain a little!

  4. Just catching up on what's been happening. My oldest is just 13, where does it all go? Makes me feel old sometimes!