Wednesday, 12 October 2011

My continued rise as an international singer/songwriter

... well that has to be a bit (er... a lot actually) tongue in cheek to be honest but I do have somethings to be proud of.

I got an email from PRS yesterday which outlined my recent royalty earnings.  All bar a little bit of change I'll soon be £50 richer!!!  Now that may not cause the bank to call me in for a wealth management interview but I'm pretty chuffed.  I have a piece of paper (well a PDF but I can print it out) that has a list of my songs on it and the amounts paid due to the performances of them.  See I can show this to my grandkids when I'm old and grey :-)

The income is from me playing my stuff live at various gigs etc.  But it does show the value of becoming a member of PRS if you are a musician performing live music.  Every venue should be licensed for live music if you are playing there, they have paid a sum to PRS already based on size of the venue etc. for that.  Therefore there is a pot of money that PRS has hold of already that should be distributed to the writers of the material being played at their venue.  So effectively this is "free" money - all you have to do is join and remember to register your works with them and then your gigs when you perform.  In the words of a Russian Meerkat (my daughter still won't believe me they don't come from there) "Simples!".  Previous posts of mine on PRS are first PRS cheque I got and SoundCheck Event Review.

Secondly I've had some more airplay courtsey of my good blogging pal 4Dinners over at Scooter Forums Radio.  He has a great Sunday evening show 6pm - 8pm where you'll find an eclectic mix of his own favourite stuff ranging from Pistols to GnR to ska and 2Tone etc..  He is also flying the flag for unsigned artists featuring such as yours truly and a few others.  So in the last month anyone in the world with an internet connection could have tuned in and heard my stuff - that is a potential audience of billions isn't it?  Ok in truth a handful of people will tune in but what the heck I am still getting some exposure.

Couple this with my son having a photograph being used as the back drop for the website for Futures current free download the Furtheron family is pushing the boundaries of popular mass media consumption.


  1. One of the best things that was done for me in the early days of singing and writing. When I was "just " raising kids a bit of money would come through the door via the PRS. Made me feel good.Well done you!

  2. Nice one F. I'm hoping to record a few of my tunes later in the year/early next. Anyway, keep on keeping on.

  3. It's so satisfying to have the work you do appreciated and acknowledged, well done you, your talent is obviously viable and marketable. (Actually, I think you rock!)

    My eldest plays anything with strings, um, maybe excluding the harp.. anyhoo's, like you, he started on classical guitar, but soon expanded, and loves to compose.

    Creating music is more than a talent, it's a gift, and from what I see, you've been truly blessed!

  4. That is so exciting! I'm a member of the society of authors and I get a share of leftover copying fees - even though it's not my work being photocopied! That's money for nothing; yours is money for your hard work and sheer genius!