Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A couple of book reviews

I owe you all some book reviews... and CD reviews..

Books first...

Conquest 1066 - Stewart Binns

This covers the life of Hereward who is a legendary figure from around the time of the Battle of Hastings about whom little is known about his life.  This is an attempt to therefore create a fictional account to embellish his life in which he is made an outlaw at an early age, travels widely and becomes a hugely respected soldier.  Up to the point of the recounting of the Battle of Hastings this was a captivating read.  Sadly after that you know that his attempts at the rebellion fail so it is a bit of disappointment from then on I'm afraid and I lost interest in it - that is also disappointing since he is portrayed as a man who after that went on to live further adventures but these are not covered.  Sad, I'd have preferred a briefer recount of his rebellion and more on his later life story.

For anyone into historical novels it is a reasonable read.

Marks of Cain - Tom Knox

Modern day thriller with a twist involving Nazi's, terrorists etc.  There appears to be two different plots for a while that keeps you entertained... however the drawing of them together almost made me wonder if Tom himself got bored of writing two plots and late one night thought what's the easiest way to pull these together... it seemed a little shabby sadly on that bit. 

Also some of the possible themes of the book are a bit "out there" in terms of stretching reality I thought.  But then he has used real evidence to support the storyline.

All in all a reasonable "airport thriller" but a bit lacking in oomph at the end, it just got a bit repetitive the one twist I thought was there wasn't a twist at all.

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  1. Hey thanks for the book reviews. I have had a bit of a reading slump except for magazines. Reading a review or about other peoples reading is inpsiring.

    I have also been a lousy blog pal...not visiting. life keeps trying to get in the way...but here I am saying hello and catching up. visiting your blog is renewed pledge!